Julie Bagish – Artist Profile

Juls Pottery

Juls life and art have been steeped in tea for 20 years.

It began in 1968 while she was living in Kanazawa, Japan first starting with a sales degree based in customer service and working for salesforce customer support.

There, she studied flower arrangement, basket making, calligraphy, clay and the arts of chado (tea ceremony) and kaiseki (special foods for tea).

Presently, she maintains the “Growling Fish Gallery”, her teaching studio, in a fruit orchard located in Silver Lake, in Los Angeles.  Working here for 20 years, she creates one of a kind hi-fire, stoneware and porcelain functional and sculptural work.

The designs reflect the seasons in her garden; persimmons, grapes, figs…  Her work is a blend of Japanese tradition with Celtic and Indian motifs.  She carves these designs in engobe, adding Indian glass beads as accents.  Over these designs Japanese style glazes ooze and drop.

Honored recently, Juls was invited, as a guest, to exhibit and demonstrate at the World Ceramic festival in Ichon, Korea.

Her work is in the Breslow and Richards art collections, the Ichon Museum, and in private collections from Singapore to New York.

More detailed information about Julie’s biography, workshop teaching and educational opportunities is available upon request.

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